Usability Analyst : Ari’s new Job

Julius Caesar introduced himself in a third person’s view, so did I in this very title. Here’s the sequence of events which had kept me out of reach in terms of web logging or keeping in touch with people.

Quit Photon Infotech as an Information Architect >> Joined Cognizant Technologies Solutions as a Usability Analyst

The double arrows mentioned above is almost a time warp of what exactly happened between. Here’s a peek at what really happened: Visited the mecca of telecommunication & IT industry, California, for reasons am unable to log here. Loved San Diego & Colorado. Felt like home away from home. The east coast is where $ lies and if one can’t identify the opportunities available, they better term themselves blind or ignorant!

My work location is at Cathedral Road, Nungabakkam, Chennai. Being almost at the center of the city, I’ve access to any location within 20 minutes of driving. My seat which overviews the Cathedral Road and Drive-in Woodlands hotel is at the 7th floor of the CSI Building.

More to come: A map of the 15,000 miles I traveled past month and a half, the movies I watched, the reason why I still believe India is a incomparable nation with the rest &  my strong will to travel to China, Tibet, Sikkim, Vietnam & Cambodia.


Flash CS3 (creative suite ver 3.0)

What is CS3? And why does Flash want to join the evolution cycle so soon?  Those interested in Adobe’s showcase must have wondered why they pioneered in the idea of Creative Suites. After buying out Macromedia in the past, Adobe has extended the advantage to Macromedia’s Flash in a peculiar manner. As their history mentions AI offers export into SWF. With new features that help both designers and developers gain great control and maneuverability between Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash.

The following features are what I would expect to utilize at maximum:

  1. A good video importing module
  2. Skinning components
  3. Animation Libraries  – Currently FLCS3 exports animation into script directly
  4. AS3 development
  5.  Faster compiling time -Hate slow PUBLISHING moments
  6. New UI
  7. Working version on Linux Flavors
  8. Mobile Publishing – my favorite

Check the following links including for screen shots & reviews

Flash em all mates… let me know if any installations are done already

Chitra’s view on gain from Indian Cricket & The new Religion

Chitra , my sister, who would be joining ISB this year, had a rather interesting view of India’s World Cup moment of truth, or what Indians have won because of their cricketing team’s loss.

I take this opportunity to share with you what really happened leading to India’s exit from the Cricket worldcup. This is not a joke but reality uncovered.

India’s economic growth has become the envy of the world as the Indian economy is really doing well but the growth rates have slackened in last quarter.

We are lucky that two Sardar’s are in charge of making sure that We do not veer of track. Who else but our Prime Minister and Head of Planning Commission. Anyway the Fin Min had to do a budget as the PM wanted it to be. Please note that both of them are particularly keen followers of our religion namely “Cricket”

What got the two Sardars really worried is the following scenario

The worry was if half the nation is sleepy half the time for 28days, which is more than 5% of the year, it would have affected our growth and hence to ensure that India’s economic march does not falter a calculated decision to get Indian team eliminated before the world cup super Eight stage of was taken. They reasoned that breaking the hearts of Indian cricket fans was better than risking India ‘s economic growth. And the rest you know is not so nice history, as the cricket in Indian fans mind is about to become a historic fact.

One of the surveys done mentions that India being eliminated before super Eights has saved 371 million man hours which will result in to productivity worth more than 8 billion rupees which is 400% more than loss of 1.7 billion rupees suffered by various TV channels. In addition electricity worth 324,000 kilo watts was saved.

Finally when the Nations history is written our current team will be heralded as ultimate heroes who helped Indians growth as a economic super power. These eleven individuals risked their lives and safety of their families for the economic glory of country.

I salute the Indian team for their bravery. I hope this bravery will not go unacknowledged for long. Forward this story of real heroes to as many as possible.

And also note – Sardar’s can be brilliant too.

And what do I think: A new religion dawns, it requires style, one ball and ample talent. The game is called FOOTBALL.  There’s a fair  crowd which plays this game from Beaches in Chennai to various Grounds. This friend of mine, Indra and I are planning to make a short (120 second) movie promoting this sport. In fact I’ve heard there are quite a few who are interested in playing Football at nights. Specially when the air is a lot cooler. Those interested, do let me know. I can arrange a 7 vs 7 night game.


FlashLite – My new platform of work and its future

After my rendezvous with Flash 8, AS 2, I’ve decided to move on to Hand held platform.  These platforms range from Portable Media players to Mobile devices to DS / PSP.

Why go hand held? It offers a unique personal user experience, which offers enough privacy and can actually connect to the user.

Where would this take me?  Technically speaking: FlashLite, Flex and J2me would what I would be acquainting with. Conceptually, I would get into Content creation for Mobile phones in verticals of gaming, applications & mobics (mobile comics).

Should upload couple of menus made for SE phones, and generic wallpapers sometime soon. Anyone interested in a collaboration, do let me know.

Asterix and Obelix reside at my place

Goscinny and Uderzo, are solely responsible for their form of hilarity in Asterix and Obelix, who recently reside at my Study. I was asked to pick up anything from “Landmark“, passed all stalls including Calvin & Hobbes and the XBOX 360. Decided I’ll get the completed collection of “Asterix and Obelix”. Did I say the complete collection? Yes, I did. All 33 of them reside at my study at this point. And I simply can’t get enough of it. Every time I read, the subtle sense of saracsm amidst the Gauls, surprise me. The French authors were probably mentors of South Park series.

I wouldn’t mind lending, as far as you treat them with care.

25 years ….

The debate over time being an illusive measurement will never conclude. So will my hunger of utilizing time. I’m no Eisenheim who can change the law of time, but I can try using the maximum of it. What if the earth’s orbital and revolution slowed would we all live longer? No, we would live as long as we can. Therefore how would you want to feel the time spent? Utilize it! Stop mundane work at any point. If you feel comfortable with what you’re doing, you’re definitely slacking.

As I see it, “Comfort” is definitely a commodity. Money & Emotions aren’t real, it only seems like it does.

Despite my primary education at The School K.F.I, I share a rather special day with a very abstract and misunderstood philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurthy .

My intentions:

Career: Indulging in Information Technology in India has been far from the dynamicity I expected. Should I shift into a different profile which has more FOCUS and allows me to own choose a vertical as forte? Or, would involving in something as creatively, economically dynamic like the PC/Console/Mobile Gaming Market, make the difference? Well, would selling business plans of IT solution be a choice I make? Would becoming an analyst solve all? Or, should I just get jobs anywhere in the world which makes me travel? Watch out I might end up doing one of the above

Health: When summer strikes, I’ll hit the pool. Target 90kgs – bench press, Tone up and work on shoulders. Touchwood, there’s nothing better than remaining healthy with humor.

Relationships: A very interesting question! I’ve been single for a while, after “experimenting” with various commitment levels. I’ll be looking out, so all you ladies get…………………..

Philanthropy: I would contribute to 2 places in particular: Silent Valley Research Foundation, The School KFI

Home: A new house on a hill expected by end of this year

Travel: The Andaman’s, Silent Valley, Driving down the ECR until Kanyakumari, Bhutan, NE India (if it still belongs to India), Malabar & outside India if time permits

Things I shouldn’t forget: Birthdates, keeping in touch with quite a few I owe, completing my web portfolio that includes Flash Lite Applications too

Things I most likely would end up doing: Bloggin more on Tech, Travel, Restaurants, Mobile Applications, Flash Lite, Indian Government, of course my rants, lack of website designs in Indian websites and respective solutions…

Here’s to a whole new year of events…

Migration Inevitable

The world is migrating into a complete uncharted sphere of socio-cultural development. BRIC nations are migrating into a whole new state of economic development.

My blog’s joined the van too. From “Theycallmeari” offered by [Google] to “eyeofmind” [at] wordpress. I choose to ignore why I’ve consciously made this decision, for good.

Look out more at this Butter Biscuit space for different train of thoughts and food for ideas.